Thursday, December 24, 2009


I can´t believe that time is almost up for my study abroad. It´s been amazing, and rocky and exhilarating and scary, and enlightening beyond belief!
Each day has been such a roller coaster of emotions. One second i´m ready to leave, the next i can´t imagine leaving.
Such a culture, hidden and yet so apparent
Such amazing friends made during my time here. I leave with esperanza, hope, that we will be seeing eachother again some time in this life.
If I´m not so lucky to see them again, boy have I been lucky to have had met them. Each one has shaped me so prolfically whether I know it or not. Having friends from so many different countries, and friends from Argentina, it´s amazing the insight you gather.
Thoughts of everything imagineably.
I came here with ganas. Wanting to gain knowledge. For that I buried myself in paperwork preparing for coming her my senior year of college. Crazy right? Coming literally to the other side of the world, to learn.
I left my loved ones some 8,000 miles away, in a nation that leads others. I´ve learned how dependant other nations are on the US and what a responsibilty we all have in this world we share.
Ask me for a story,an experience, a joke, an insight, i´ve got quite a few great ones to share.
Before coming, as i said in my first entry, i didn´t know what to exect. What did I know about Argentina? Far as i'm aware, Argentina is not part of the mandatory school curriculum.
Let me tell you, even if i had learned it in a class, which i hadn't ever, a lesson on a country so rich in its own way can't be taught. And for that, i am so ever thankful for having this experience.
I see it's been about a month since my last post. I promise i've been here, and i've been experiencing some wonderful things. I've lived like a local, and like a tourist. I have insight in both regards, and will be ready for my future travels knowing how to get the most out of a trip, to really get the feeling of a country.
I can go on and on, for me it's hard to write my thoughts. Better be told in a story, face to face (hand and face gestures included... alanna ;P ) . So, whenever, whereever.. if you want to hear a bit of what i've got to share, let me know :D

As for the time since nov.30... i'll be sure to add posts on what's happened. Right now, i'm living up the seven little days left i have in el sur.

Monday, November 30, 2009


I had the chance to be a part of a traditional


Learning about this celebration since day 1 of spanish class in 7th grade, finally I got to see what it's all about.
It was a wedding... well no, but more elegant than a wedding i've ever been to. You know the show "sweet sixteen" and it's a grand party.. it was close to that. Super elegance, and a ten hour night event, The fifteen year olds birthday party started at 9pm. I dressed up in a black formal and arrived at the Marriott Hotel, one of Buenos Aires most prestigious hotels.
In the room were servers among servers. The foyer had large paintings hung on the walls and a huge chandellier in the center.
Then, at about 10pm, these story high ruby curtains open, and lays a huge room of many chandelliers, and beautiful tables and dance floor.
The night was beautiful, and over the top incredible.
The birthday girl arrived with a big entrance and throughout the night were shows of her and her sisters dance routines, photo videos, aunt from spain singing to her on stage, and a flaming birthday cake. About every hour a platter was served, bringing out more food than possible to eat. Plates so beautifully arranged.
Later, was a festival and we dressed up and danced the whole night. Everyone was dancing.. ages maybe ten to ninety!
About 4 or 5 am, the curtains opened once more and all i saw were flames! the many at the party croweded up to see what this spectaular was about.. it was a sweet table.
a table filled of cheesecakes, fruits, and three dishes of flaming desserts.
the fifteen year olds birthday was unforgettable. I arrived home, and in my bed at 7am. Thus, a ten hour, non-stop, family and friend filled gathering.
No wonder it was so talked about in my spanish classes.

La Noche de Las Provincias

The country of Argentina is made up of Provinces, so this night was to honour and bring awareness to the provinces in the country. Throughout the city, there are government buildings for the province, and this night you can go to each one, or some to see what they're about.
Julia, Jesse, Alanna and I met up and Casa de San Luis.
San Luis is a province in the northen-middle of the country. It is very much so a dessert like geography with pueblitos of el campo.
Artisin work was hung and played, and later we had the chance to walk around the governor workplace.
like a small small white house.

The building was a gem! Gorgeous architecure all about the inside. We walked through each rooming, meeting quarters, etc. Style of early 20th century or late 19th century- with adorned statues, gold and reds. so beautiful. While persuing about, we walked up a few flights to come upon a news room!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving in Argentina??

Me and seven of my friends (Alanna, Arlene, Emily, Julia, Jesse, Sarah, Shata) cooked our favourite family thanksgiving foods and shared a big feast with my host family (Ignacio, Adriana, Sofia, Emilia). The day before, I made a lattice top apple pie with Adriana. We mixed argentina pie crust with the traditional american pie= delicious!!!!
The day of, after my spanish oral exam, we started preparing for the feast. Alanna came down after she had made her chocolate pie and we listened to christmas tunes as I cooked a spinach-green bean casserole. Julia and her sister Jesse arrived about 3 and we could began spicin up the turkey. Took us a bit to go in at the turkey.. haha, but once we plucked off a few left behind feathers, we prepared it together. Alanna taking action and reachin in to pull out the inners :/ yuck

we chopped up carrots, onions, celery and basted it with delicious herbs.
Hours later on a hot 90* Argentine day, it was ready to take out of the oven.
Friends came over one by one preparing potatoes, cheeses, bread, salads, corn, stuffing.
All the traditional goodness was there.. and then, to top it off... Jesse brought from the states cranberry sauce and turkey design napkins!!

Our table was beautiful ! A collection of combined efforts, and a home away from home.
That dinner we shared as 12... feasting food made from our grown up traditions.
We started with fine cheeses for social appetizer
Ignacio, being the man of the house, had the honour to carve the Turkey
Once the pies were served, we went around the table,each taking time to say what we;re thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.

La Noche de los Museos

A new tradition in Argentina, idea taken from France, is a night of museum hopping. The bus services are free,and you hope on a city bus and go museum to museum.. all free. It goes 8pm to 2am. the time flies a lot fast than you'd think.
Went with a big group of friends and we started out at MALBA.. museum of latin american art. The line was quite literally around the block. But we all kept eachother good company and played on the teeter-totters while in line. haha
there were a lot of people. the featured exhibit was Andy Warhol's art.
Later we trekked over to a Crotain Music museum.. kinda stumbled upon it actually.
that was our night of the museum. didn't get to many museums hhaa, but it was a good time. It's ok though, becuase weekly while here, i've been to several museums.
After we went to a cute restaurant called Acabar, where we played pictonary and ate smoothies :)


Apparently Argentina's top sports are as follows...
Tennis...'tis the season.

So I went to a Polo match. it was so relaxing.
The skill was unbelievable. The coordination with the horses and equipment to score. very cool
it was a nice sunny day, and after we got right up close to an ESPN interview with the players!
Learned that in Polo, a lot of the teams are family members, who play at their estancias (ranches). so the team who won this game, were 4 brothers. very cool
Also learned that Argentina is so good with Polo, that's where the men get their fashion mode from and Prince Charles' Polo coach is Argentine.
pretty neat huh.
Later, we, Alex (Germany), Tomas (Argentina), Alanna and I went to all you can eat sushi :D

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween in a country where there is no celebrated Halloween

Happy Halloween
I spent thursday night, and saturday night in costume. Carved 'pumpkins' and dressed up. For thursday night, the international students went on a boat party. Costume mandatory. A fun time, I decided last minute to dress up as Helga from "Hey, Arnold!" series. Many creative costumes were seen. The boat was fun, live band inside and a lot of good conversation all around. We even had a group of German Power Rangers who saved two guys from France out of the water.
Saturday I carved 'pumpkins' with Alanna and Julia. I say 'pumpkins' because we only found japanese squash.. but it worked :) Left for dinner at a Chinese restaurant where my Argenitne friend Tomá
s met up. Dressed up and put on spooky make-up. Saw a group of 'ghouls' in the streets, but only about 10 people and it was a group of U.S study abroad students. ha
Overall, a very fun night, and good memories. Can't wait for the next US holiday we'll celebrate here... Thanksgiving. ..stay tuned ;)

Monday, October 26, 2009



So i really wasn't planning on going to an Argentina soccer game while here. I know that is ridiculous since Argentina has amazing soccer skills, but it just wasn't in the plan.
Best things happen without plans!

Sunday morning, i wake up to Alanna at the foot of my bed with 2 tickets to RIVER vs BOCA Futbol! To try and compare this to what us US folk know.. it's more intense than a world series Red Sox vs Yankees game.
River and Boca are THE biggest two Buenos Aires soccer team rivals.
Be sure to check out the videos at the bottom of the blog to see what I mean.
The crowds have so much spirit and love for their team.
The game ended 1-1.
It was awesome. End of story.

Friday, October 23, 2009

91st day below the equator!


What did you do to celebrate your 21st? Where did you go? Puerto Madryn, Peninsula Valdez you say? Thought not, not unless you are me :) 5 friends and I bussed our way 20 hrs south of Buenos Aires, Argentina to have a one of a kind birthday!
These girls are incredible!
We arrived saturday to our hostel about 3pm ish. Booked a guided ride right away to Punto Lomo. We saw Sea Lions relaxing on the bay!
Later went to a restaurant called "Margarita". At midnight the waiter surprised me with a brownie ice cream dessert. The girls sang bilingual "happy birthday". All the girls were there: Alanna, Arlene, Emily, Julia, Sarah and Shata!
Had an "Argentina Mia"
Bed minuted later to be fresh for our full-Sunday excursion starting at 8am come home about 12hrs later.
WHALES! I went on a whale watch in Punto Piramides on my 21st!
Saw Franco-Austral whales, which jumped and swam all about the crystal blue water.
Then drove in our guided tour bus to see Sea Elephants!
These guys are big! and silly!
*Be sure to check out my videos at the bottom of my blog page. *
Ate lunch atop the hill, with a breathtaking lookout of the water and dessert brush land.
Later, drove to see Penguins! These aren't the snow sliding penguins we see in movies. These were cute, puffy black and white penguins that nested under bushes and climbed up rocky sand hills.
Puerto Madryn is a small city alongside a sea coastline, and a place where the rain does not see. The roads are made of dirt, and while you drive you see the dust collect behind the car.
Had dinner at about 11pm at Los Colonas.. a seafood restaurant in the theme of a boat wreck. Lighthouse outside, Boat lights, a boat as a restaurant. Good atmosphere. Celebrated the big 21, and Argentina's mother's day holiday with some white wine, and the waiter gave us each a glass of champagne.
At 9am Monday, we woke from our adorable hostel to walk the sidewalks of the 'lil city. Went to our bus stop.. when we came upon the news that we will be staying here for another few hours. Our bus was to leave at 2pm, however we left port at 10pm.
Why you ask?
Well, in Argentina a lot of times the people of the country are not happy with their government.. so they protest. This particular day, the petroleum workers in the south decided to cut the bus route road, so no one could pass by.
So, like suerte, saw a few friends from UCA (Argentina University). We spent the day together as a group of 11. Played soccer with locals alongside the shore, and had lunch outside in the beautiful weather.
We got home at 5pm Tuesday.
In all ... an AMAZING birthday! To top it off however, i came home to a strawberry cake and 2 packages from my NY loved ones!!
I love you all ! Thank you for each of your kindness and thoughts! Love you

Sunday, October 11, 2009

to keep you up to date

Sorry it's been a while since the last post. Been just living here, no special trips lately. Busy with music :) Playing in rehearsals, concerts and ...a special premiere soon ! :)
I enjoy playing bassoon here. A lot of friends take interest in hearing it for the FIRST time. it's beautiful to share that.
I'm about at the halfway mark of being here. Learned a WORLD of new things. Really feel like i've developed so much way mentally. Been taking a huge interest in cooking and new exercises. I'm using running as a way to sightsee and to have an excuse to eat lots after. haha, Enrolled in a fitness program. Taking all sorts of pilates, yoga classes. Bought a few cookbooks and check out tons of restaurants. I take mental notes of how to cook the authentic dishes here.
Besides this, been putting my head in the books. This week was Mid-Term week. So chillaxed here! had one open book/open comp test that consisted of 2 QUESTIONS! and my other one is an essay on classical music, that's due whenever i want. Classes r hard, but i like that they give internationals a break. too cool! not gonna be ready for the loooong class days at fredonia when i come home. hahah
A lot has changed at home. Heard my mom and eric bought a new home, my sister Amanda headed to California, my other sister Amanda is leaving for New Zealand, Mike will begin a new career, and Jackie is learning all about Germany through Lara our host sister.
Back home is the time of 21st birthday's. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all my friends. I expect a fun time when I come home :) For my 21st, my friends and I down here plan to head down south to Chubut province. You'll hear all about it for sure :)
In all, really enjoying my time here (minus the fact I wish YOU were all here with me!!)
keep it real back there up north.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Primavera has come!

Fall there? Springtime here and the weather shows. Days of rain then sunshine and the flowers on the trees and in the gardens are in full bloom.

The first day of Primavera (spring) is a big festival throughout the city. Free concerts play in the park and people from every side of the city gather together to enjoy to day.

I went to the Japanese Gardens and the neighboring park to see the flowers and city people enjoy this holiday. Most days have been about 21 degrees (celcius) haha, not F.
This past weekend I went up to el tigre, to go to the Buenos Aires Rowing Club with my host father Ignacio and my friend Stephanie. First time rowing. It was a lot of fun, and i'm feelin the burn today. haha
We rowed a 3 man boat through an Amazon looking canal (water trees and homes alongside the canal) to a lil island for lunch. Stephanie and I took on a historical moment as we, the first time rowers, rowed together in time ! we did awesome! 2012 Olympics here we come :)

Friday, September 18, 2009


the trip to SANTIAGO, CHILE

On a spontaneous whim, me and several friends decided to buy Omnibus tickets to Chile, some 20hrs west of Buenos Aires. We bought them on a Wednesday and then the next day on Thursday I left, staying until arriving back to BA the following Tuesday.
The trip brought can be summarized by the word "surprises".
Surprises were that I ...
won a bottle of Mendoza wine on the bus ride by playing Bingo.
I rented and stayed in a hostel for 3 nights. and surprisingly it was fabulous. A good time.
I saw the 'whole' city in one day,
traveled 2 hrs west to stick my feet in the PACIFIC OCEAN
& ate some fresh seafood off the shore.
Went up a Funicular (basically a vertical train up the mtside) to find breathtaking panoramic views of the cityscape of Santiago and of the southern sunset hitting the snow caps of the Andes Mountains.
Had many ethnic foods, all except Chilean.
Surprisingly we arrived during their Bicentennial. The air was filled with patriotic decorations of red-white and blue .
Speaking of RWB, we arrived 9/11, which was a historical tragedy there. A conflict against police and civialians. This left the town in a hush and police mounts everywhere.
To our surprise, sundays are a day of deserted thruways and no one to be seen.
After all this excitement, my friend Tina (AKA Latina) and I took our return trip ...
to our surprise, I was an illegal border crosser. Never in my life did I think I would have conflict with the law. Surprised, and concerned, we worked together to figure out how to get back to Buenos Aires.
Speaking our second language to Border officials, after hours of international passport problems, luckily it resulted in us taking the next bus out back home to Buenos Aires...
to our surprise, we arrived 32hrs later.
A long bus ride, but we stuck together , never had such great company and learning so much about myself. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Remember what your mama taught you-mire ambos lados!

So getting place to place nearby you have options. There is the option of walking, colectivo(bus), subte (subway),bici(bike), radiotaxi (taxi). Rather common, however Buenos Aires has its unique transito (traffic) that makes every crosswalk an adventure. "Remember to look both ways!" (Mire ambos lados)
Ever day you are sure to see heavy traffic (common in cities) combined on the lanes with bike riders who are in the same lane as traffic, no helmet, perhaps carrying a child, a dog on their lap or many boxes and bags. Also there are the motorcyclists who do the same. Saaafe.
Our mass transit autos, buses and semis are hitting the pedal moment turns green. Crossing the intersections takes skiiiill. MIRE AMBOS LADOS for sure! There are street lines, but these are more like guidelines, not a rule. haha. so, i can't even imagine why people are riding bikes in the lanes, when the buses are pulling sharp stops at any moment.
Today I went to Corrientes with Alanna and witnessed: a 3 car pile up! Then later a motorcycle skidding off with a mans briefcase. He was getting out of a taxi when on eman shoved him, took his bag- the bike pop-a wheelie, the robber jumped on back, and the victim kicked the robber as it skidded off thru the intersection while the man raced after! Next block down, 2 men were juggling in a 4 lane intersection. Throughout the day, multiple motorcycles came onto the sidewalk (when there's heavy traffic) and since the walk is bustling too, they almost are driving into little children pedestrians. Also, haha earlier today my colectivo bus was just chillaxin in the middle of the intersection...soooo I think i'm gonna go home with less a traffic fear. just sayin'.
Just wanted to blog this constant occurring chaos. enjoy ur one man passing you on the thruway at home. haha it's not comparable here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

one month!

A month ago today I arrived in beautiful Buenos Aires. So far I have come to make wonderful friends, and plans for my.. get this schedule... no classes after noon on thursday till tuesday! so i have long weekends to travel about the country! I've joined a youth orchestra! Called Orquesta Juventil de San Martin. our first concert is 5th of September and we may be going to tour in CHILE! Classes started at UCA. I am taking Acoustics.. which is physics of soundwaves and ..well acoustics, History of classical music, Industious Computation III, Spanish and Music Production II. Professors are really nice and classes are relaxed. Argentine's are almost proud of their tardiness :) Classes usually begin about 10 min after set time. The music students are so easy to get along with and super helpful. The classrooms are a bright yellow and there are a bunch of windows and courtyards. really tranquil. Tomorrow I am going to see the Symphony Philharmonic of Israel! Earlier in the day I plan to go to San Telmo for an outdoor Feria.. an artisans market. Every weekend these go on. Really great to see local artists work and cultural objects from the area to buy. Went to a tour of Teatro Colon on Wednesday. The second acoustically best theatres in the world. It has been under reconstruction since '04, so the tour group and i wore hard hats and scaled under construction equipment to see the hall. Quite impressive how self sufficient this theatre is. Under the ground it has several grand rooms for building costumes, stage equipment and scenes. Another grand adventure I had was a spontaneous trip to San Antonio de Areco. It is a small town about 2hrs northwest of BA. Went with my SUNY girls in a double decker omnibus. This town appeared deserted when we arrived. As we walked about, we immediately fell in love with it's gaucho (cowboy) camp (countryside) charm! We made a best friend there! Her name is Pepita and it's an estancia's (ranch) dog. She came in to the shops, walked with us around the blocks, and even stayed under our table during lunch and dinner in restaurants!!! quite the adventure with her :) We went horseback riding! for an hour.. gaucho style! (that means ropes for harness and fur for a saddle). I trotted/almosst galloped for the first time!
SKYPE has been a life saver! Really great to have charlas (chats) with friends and family back home.
OH yesterday I paid rent for the first time! haha i was pretty excited about that. gotta love city rental fees tho. haha :/
My family here is a dream! I can not even stress how happy i am with them. Super comforting, helpful, funny and an all around good time.
Besides all this, I think there are too many lil memories to write down. I am keeping a journal so I can never forget each lil moment, but I hope you are able to check out my fotos (on facebook, or photobucket).
LOVE YAs all.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

17TH day .. it's la lengua

Today .. i believe is the 17th day since I left the Buffalo airport. The day I adventurously left my hometown for a new place. I felt ready, and was convincing myself this is what I need to do. In the past days, I have been feeling so many different emotions. Happy to say the majority is high with positives :) If I look too into things, is when I start getting shaky. I need to just relax and let Buenos Aires be lived.
Orientation for college came and went and from that I met a world full of new friends- literally. I have my SUNY group of friends to go touring about with, and a start to new friendships from tens of countries.
I have seen barrios of Recoleta, Palermo, La Boca, Puerto Madero, San Telmo, Retiro, Centro. And more to come. Fotos attached to this blog will be of these areas and more.
Being here, I have felt as though I am just in New York City, and I have also felt that I am a million miles from home. It is the language that can connect or disconnect the feeling.
SO-- this is my overall observation. My life lesson learned: LANGUAGE is.... ______.
and from there i am not sure. I do know language is , and sometimes I will walk in a store, and without even speaking, the sales rep will begin to speak to me in English. Is it for how I look?Perhaps, but am i wearing "I SPEAK ENGLISH" t-shirt. No.
When I begin to speak, it is that connector. And on a good day, no one knows Castellano is not my first language. I just can not wait to never have that doubt. My goal here is to be able to not have to think about the translation. Just say. I want to be completely sure of what I am saying, and not feel so dumb and insecure.
Communication is key. Language can make or break you. So i've foung out.
So, for now, i have come to conclude this. It's La lengua. or .. it is el lengua?!


Coming here has me realize all the culture in the United States. Before arriving I had not too much to say about US culture. This blog is about Argentina however, but I do want to make the point that I -yes I, I had taken a lot for granted prior to arriving here.
In this blog, I want to write more of my general observations and life learning. I am not going to write a day by day journal. However, any questions you have.. feel more than free to comment to me. :)
So, I arrived here July 21st 2009, and I will be returning home December 31st 2009. :)