Monday, November 30, 2009


Apparently Argentina's top sports are as follows...
Tennis...'tis the season.

So I went to a Polo match. it was so relaxing.
The skill was unbelievable. The coordination with the horses and equipment to score. very cool
it was a nice sunny day, and after we got right up close to an ESPN interview with the players!
Learned that in Polo, a lot of the teams are family members, who play at their estancias (ranches). so the team who won this game, were 4 brothers. very cool
Also learned that Argentina is so good with Polo, that's where the men get their fashion mode from and Prince Charles' Polo coach is Argentine.
pretty neat huh.
Later, we, Alex (Germany), Tomas (Argentina), Alanna and I went to all you can eat sushi :D

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