Thursday, August 6, 2009

17TH day .. it's la lengua

Today .. i believe is the 17th day since I left the Buffalo airport. The day I adventurously left my hometown for a new place. I felt ready, and was convincing myself this is what I need to do. In the past days, I have been feeling so many different emotions. Happy to say the majority is high with positives :) If I look too into things, is when I start getting shaky. I need to just relax and let Buenos Aires be lived.
Orientation for college came and went and from that I met a world full of new friends- literally. I have my SUNY group of friends to go touring about with, and a start to new friendships from tens of countries.
I have seen barrios of Recoleta, Palermo, La Boca, Puerto Madero, San Telmo, Retiro, Centro. And more to come. Fotos attached to this blog will be of these areas and more.
Being here, I have felt as though I am just in New York City, and I have also felt that I am a million miles from home. It is the language that can connect or disconnect the feeling.
SO-- this is my overall observation. My life lesson learned: LANGUAGE is.... ______.
and from there i am not sure. I do know language is , and sometimes I will walk in a store, and without even speaking, the sales rep will begin to speak to me in English. Is it for how I look?Perhaps, but am i wearing "I SPEAK ENGLISH" t-shirt. No.
When I begin to speak, it is that connector. And on a good day, no one knows Castellano is not my first language. I just can not wait to never have that doubt. My goal here is to be able to not have to think about the translation. Just say. I want to be completely sure of what I am saying, and not feel so dumb and insecure.
Communication is key. Language can make or break you. So i've foung out.
So, for now, i have come to conclude this. It's La lengua. or .. it is el lengua?!

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