Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back in the Habit

I flew many 'a miles, nervously and anxiously awaiting the arrival home to my loved ones.

Now home for almost two months, I constantly have nostalgic feelings of my time in Argentina. A lot of what I do day to day I think to how it was done just a few months ago. I remember my trips, my experiences, but most of all my friends.
I would give so much to have my state friends meet my BA friends. Each have shaped me in such a profound way, I cherish the memories I have with them.

So a little bit on the 'reverse culture shock' as it is termed-
I arrived on New Years Eve.. this being said, it honestly felt like a holiday visit. I had left my family and traveled to spend time with my family. It was such a feeling i never had before. i left a life behind.. one i am not sure when the next time (if ever) will be to see it again, to my always known life. It was harder to adjust i think, because i came from a comfortable situation to a comfortable situation. Leaving home for Argentina was different. I knew i would be coming back, and i knew i had no clue what to expect and that the first few dinners and such wouldnt be comfortable...
does this make sense?
So, to say the least.. it felt like there was a small hole in my heart even though i was overwhelmingly happy to be home with my lifelong loved ones.

So after the absolute first day, a few events had me feeling all wierded out. I went to the mall... that was WEIRD! a huge mall of all english speakers!!! so many times when walking in a store i was about to say "buen d
ía. No gracias, sólo estoy mirando."

After words, i found myself at college.. and the first few weeks feeling completely full of bad emotions towards my study abroad. i was mad for one reason or another... and i hated that i had went. ...
A week later, i grew up and realized that those emotions were because i was sad that it had all happened already and that no one was around to reminisce in it with.
It's been really really nice to have anyone ask about the experience. At first ... i really didn't know what to say.. How could i sum up almost half a year?!!! I love sharing stories, comparing customs and just telling friends little fun facts about the Argentine culture... feel free to ask :D