Thursday, December 24, 2009


I can´t believe that time is almost up for my study abroad. It´s been amazing, and rocky and exhilarating and scary, and enlightening beyond belief!
Each day has been such a roller coaster of emotions. One second i´m ready to leave, the next i can´t imagine leaving.
Such a culture, hidden and yet so apparent
Such amazing friends made during my time here. I leave with esperanza, hope, that we will be seeing eachother again some time in this life.
If I´m not so lucky to see them again, boy have I been lucky to have had met them. Each one has shaped me so prolfically whether I know it or not. Having friends from so many different countries, and friends from Argentina, it´s amazing the insight you gather.
Thoughts of everything imagineably.
I came here with ganas. Wanting to gain knowledge. For that I buried myself in paperwork preparing for coming her my senior year of college. Crazy right? Coming literally to the other side of the world, to learn.
I left my loved ones some 8,000 miles away, in a nation that leads others. I´ve learned how dependant other nations are on the US and what a responsibilty we all have in this world we share.
Ask me for a story,an experience, a joke, an insight, i´ve got quite a few great ones to share.
Before coming, as i said in my first entry, i didn´t know what to exect. What did I know about Argentina? Far as i'm aware, Argentina is not part of the mandatory school curriculum.
Let me tell you, even if i had learned it in a class, which i hadn't ever, a lesson on a country so rich in its own way can't be taught. And for that, i am so ever thankful for having this experience.
I see it's been about a month since my last post. I promise i've been here, and i've been experiencing some wonderful things. I've lived like a local, and like a tourist. I have insight in both regards, and will be ready for my future travels knowing how to get the most out of a trip, to really get the feeling of a country.
I can go on and on, for me it's hard to write my thoughts. Better be told in a story, face to face (hand and face gestures included... alanna ;P ) . So, whenever, whereever.. if you want to hear a bit of what i've got to share, let me know :D

As for the time since nov.30... i'll be sure to add posts on what's happened. Right now, i'm living up the seven little days left i have in el sur.