Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back in the Habit

I flew many 'a miles, nervously and anxiously awaiting the arrival home to my loved ones.

Now home for almost two months, I constantly have nostalgic feelings of my time in Argentina. A lot of what I do day to day I think to how it was done just a few months ago. I remember my trips, my experiences, but most of all my friends.
I would give so much to have my state friends meet my BA friends. Each have shaped me in such a profound way, I cherish the memories I have with them.

So a little bit on the 'reverse culture shock' as it is termed-
I arrived on New Years Eve.. this being said, it honestly felt like a holiday visit. I had left my family and traveled to spend time with my family. It was such a feeling i never had before. i left a life behind.. one i am not sure when the next time (if ever) will be to see it again, to my always known life. It was harder to adjust i think, because i came from a comfortable situation to a comfortable situation. Leaving home for Argentina was different. I knew i would be coming back, and i knew i had no clue what to expect and that the first few dinners and such wouldnt be comfortable...
does this make sense?
So, to say the least.. it felt like there was a small hole in my heart even though i was overwhelmingly happy to be home with my lifelong loved ones.

So after the absolute first day, a few events had me feeling all wierded out. I went to the mall... that was WEIRD! a huge mall of all english speakers!!! so many times when walking in a store i was about to say "buen d
ía. No gracias, sólo estoy mirando."

After words, i found myself at college.. and the first few weeks feeling completely full of bad emotions towards my study abroad. i was mad for one reason or another... and i hated that i had went. ...
A week later, i grew up and realized that those emotions were because i was sad that it had all happened already and that no one was around to reminisce in it with.
It's been really really nice to have anyone ask about the experience. At first ... i really didn't know what to say.. How could i sum up almost half a year?!!! I love sharing stories, comparing customs and just telling friends little fun facts about the Argentine culture... feel free to ask :D

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I can´t believe that time is almost up for my study abroad. It´s been amazing, and rocky and exhilarating and scary, and enlightening beyond belief!
Each day has been such a roller coaster of emotions. One second i´m ready to leave, the next i can´t imagine leaving.
Such a culture, hidden and yet so apparent
Such amazing friends made during my time here. I leave with esperanza, hope, that we will be seeing eachother again some time in this life.
If I´m not so lucky to see them again, boy have I been lucky to have had met them. Each one has shaped me so prolfically whether I know it or not. Having friends from so many different countries, and friends from Argentina, it´s amazing the insight you gather.
Thoughts of everything imagineably.
I came here with ganas. Wanting to gain knowledge. For that I buried myself in paperwork preparing for coming her my senior year of college. Crazy right? Coming literally to the other side of the world, to learn.
I left my loved ones some 8,000 miles away, in a nation that leads others. I´ve learned how dependant other nations are on the US and what a responsibilty we all have in this world we share.
Ask me for a story,an experience, a joke, an insight, i´ve got quite a few great ones to share.
Before coming, as i said in my first entry, i didn´t know what to exect. What did I know about Argentina? Far as i'm aware, Argentina is not part of the mandatory school curriculum.
Let me tell you, even if i had learned it in a class, which i hadn't ever, a lesson on a country so rich in its own way can't be taught. And for that, i am so ever thankful for having this experience.
I see it's been about a month since my last post. I promise i've been here, and i've been experiencing some wonderful things. I've lived like a local, and like a tourist. I have insight in both regards, and will be ready for my future travels knowing how to get the most out of a trip, to really get the feeling of a country.
I can go on and on, for me it's hard to write my thoughts. Better be told in a story, face to face (hand and face gestures included... alanna ;P ) . So, whenever, whereever.. if you want to hear a bit of what i've got to share, let me know :D

As for the time since nov.30... i'll be sure to add posts on what's happened. Right now, i'm living up the seven little days left i have in el sur.

Monday, November 30, 2009


I had the chance to be a part of a traditional


Learning about this celebration since day 1 of spanish class in 7th grade, finally I got to see what it's all about.
It was a wedding... well no, but more elegant than a wedding i've ever been to. You know the show "sweet sixteen" and it's a grand party.. it was close to that. Super elegance, and a ten hour night event, The fifteen year olds birthday party started at 9pm. I dressed up in a black formal and arrived at the Marriott Hotel, one of Buenos Aires most prestigious hotels.
In the room were servers among servers. The foyer had large paintings hung on the walls and a huge chandellier in the center.
Then, at about 10pm, these story high ruby curtains open, and lays a huge room of many chandelliers, and beautiful tables and dance floor.
The night was beautiful, and over the top incredible.
The birthday girl arrived with a big entrance and throughout the night were shows of her and her sisters dance routines, photo videos, aunt from spain singing to her on stage, and a flaming birthday cake. About every hour a platter was served, bringing out more food than possible to eat. Plates so beautifully arranged.
Later, was a festival and we dressed up and danced the whole night. Everyone was dancing.. ages maybe ten to ninety!
About 4 or 5 am, the curtains opened once more and all i saw were flames! the many at the party croweded up to see what this spectaular was about.. it was a sweet table.
a table filled of cheesecakes, fruits, and three dishes of flaming desserts.
the fifteen year olds birthday was unforgettable. I arrived home, and in my bed at 7am. Thus, a ten hour, non-stop, family and friend filled gathering.
No wonder it was so talked about in my spanish classes.

La Noche de Las Provincias

The country of Argentina is made up of Provinces, so this night was to honour and bring awareness to the provinces in the country. Throughout the city, there are government buildings for the province, and this night you can go to each one, or some to see what they're about.
Julia, Jesse, Alanna and I met up and Casa de San Luis.
San Luis is a province in the northen-middle of the country. It is very much so a dessert like geography with pueblitos of el campo.
Artisin work was hung and played, and later we had the chance to walk around the governor workplace.
like a small small white house.

The building was a gem! Gorgeous architecure all about the inside. We walked through each rooming, meeting quarters, etc. Style of early 20th century or late 19th century- with adorned statues, gold and reds. so beautiful. While persuing about, we walked up a few flights to come upon a news room!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thanksgiving in Argentina??

Me and seven of my friends (Alanna, Arlene, Emily, Julia, Jesse, Sarah, Shata) cooked our favourite family thanksgiving foods and shared a big feast with my host family (Ignacio, Adriana, Sofia, Emilia). The day before, I made a lattice top apple pie with Adriana. We mixed argentina pie crust with the traditional american pie= delicious!!!!
The day of, after my spanish oral exam, we started preparing for the feast. Alanna came down after she had made her chocolate pie and we listened to christmas tunes as I cooked a spinach-green bean casserole. Julia and her sister Jesse arrived about 3 and we could began spicin up the turkey. Took us a bit to go in at the turkey.. haha, but once we plucked off a few left behind feathers, we prepared it together. Alanna taking action and reachin in to pull out the inners :/ yuck

we chopped up carrots, onions, celery and basted it with delicious herbs.
Hours later on a hot 90* Argentine day, it was ready to take out of the oven.
Friends came over one by one preparing potatoes, cheeses, bread, salads, corn, stuffing.
All the traditional goodness was there.. and then, to top it off... Jesse brought from the states cranberry sauce and turkey design napkins!!

Our table was beautiful ! A collection of combined efforts, and a home away from home.
That dinner we shared as 12... feasting food made from our grown up traditions.
We started with fine cheeses for social appetizer
Ignacio, being the man of the house, had the honour to carve the Turkey
Once the pies were served, we went around the table,each taking time to say what we;re thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.

La Noche de los Museos

A new tradition in Argentina, idea taken from France, is a night of museum hopping. The bus services are free,and you hope on a city bus and go museum to museum.. all free. It goes 8pm to 2am. the time flies a lot fast than you'd think.
Went with a big group of friends and we started out at MALBA.. museum of latin american art. The line was quite literally around the block. But we all kept eachother good company and played on the teeter-totters while in line. haha
there were a lot of people. the featured exhibit was Andy Warhol's art.
Later we trekked over to a Crotain Music museum.. kinda stumbled upon it actually.
that was our night of the museum. didn't get to many museums hhaa, but it was a good time. It's ok though, becuase weekly while here, i've been to several museums.
After we went to a cute restaurant called Acabar, where we played pictonary and ate smoothies :)


Apparently Argentina's top sports are as follows...
Tennis...'tis the season.

So I went to a Polo match. it was so relaxing.
The skill was unbelievable. The coordination with the horses and equipment to score. very cool
it was a nice sunny day, and after we got right up close to an ESPN interview with the players!
Learned that in Polo, a lot of the teams are family members, who play at their estancias (ranches). so the team who won this game, were 4 brothers. very cool
Also learned that Argentina is so good with Polo, that's where the men get their fashion mode from and Prince Charles' Polo coach is Argentine.
pretty neat huh.
Later, we, Alex (Germany), Tomas (Argentina), Alanna and I went to all you can eat sushi :D