Monday, November 30, 2009


I had the chance to be a part of a traditional


Learning about this celebration since day 1 of spanish class in 7th grade, finally I got to see what it's all about.
It was a wedding... well no, but more elegant than a wedding i've ever been to. You know the show "sweet sixteen" and it's a grand party.. it was close to that. Super elegance, and a ten hour night event, The fifteen year olds birthday party started at 9pm. I dressed up in a black formal and arrived at the Marriott Hotel, one of Buenos Aires most prestigious hotels.
In the room were servers among servers. The foyer had large paintings hung on the walls and a huge chandellier in the center.
Then, at about 10pm, these story high ruby curtains open, and lays a huge room of many chandelliers, and beautiful tables and dance floor.
The night was beautiful, and over the top incredible.
The birthday girl arrived with a big entrance and throughout the night were shows of her and her sisters dance routines, photo videos, aunt from spain singing to her on stage, and a flaming birthday cake. About every hour a platter was served, bringing out more food than possible to eat. Plates so beautifully arranged.
Later, was a festival and we dressed up and danced the whole night. Everyone was dancing.. ages maybe ten to ninety!
About 4 or 5 am, the curtains opened once more and all i saw were flames! the many at the party croweded up to see what this spectaular was about.. it was a sweet table.
a table filled of cheesecakes, fruits, and three dishes of flaming desserts.
the fifteen year olds birthday was unforgettable. I arrived home, and in my bed at 7am. Thus, a ten hour, non-stop, family and friend filled gathering.
No wonder it was so talked about in my spanish classes.

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