Monday, October 26, 2009



So i really wasn't planning on going to an Argentina soccer game while here. I know that is ridiculous since Argentina has amazing soccer skills, but it just wasn't in the plan.
Best things happen without plans!

Sunday morning, i wake up to Alanna at the foot of my bed with 2 tickets to RIVER vs BOCA Futbol! To try and compare this to what us US folk know.. it's more intense than a world series Red Sox vs Yankees game.
River and Boca are THE biggest two Buenos Aires soccer team rivals.
Be sure to check out the videos at the bottom of the blog to see what I mean.
The crowds have so much spirit and love for their team.
The game ended 1-1.
It was awesome. End of story.

Friday, October 23, 2009

91st day below the equator!


What did you do to celebrate your 21st? Where did you go? Puerto Madryn, Peninsula Valdez you say? Thought not, not unless you are me :) 5 friends and I bussed our way 20 hrs south of Buenos Aires, Argentina to have a one of a kind birthday!
These girls are incredible!
We arrived saturday to our hostel about 3pm ish. Booked a guided ride right away to Punto Lomo. We saw Sea Lions relaxing on the bay!
Later went to a restaurant called "Margarita". At midnight the waiter surprised me with a brownie ice cream dessert. The girls sang bilingual "happy birthday". All the girls were there: Alanna, Arlene, Emily, Julia, Sarah and Shata!
Had an "Argentina Mia"
Bed minuted later to be fresh for our full-Sunday excursion starting at 8am come home about 12hrs later.
WHALES! I went on a whale watch in Punto Piramides on my 21st!
Saw Franco-Austral whales, which jumped and swam all about the crystal blue water.
Then drove in our guided tour bus to see Sea Elephants!
These guys are big! and silly!
*Be sure to check out my videos at the bottom of my blog page. *
Ate lunch atop the hill, with a breathtaking lookout of the water and dessert brush land.
Later, drove to see Penguins! These aren't the snow sliding penguins we see in movies. These were cute, puffy black and white penguins that nested under bushes and climbed up rocky sand hills.
Puerto Madryn is a small city alongside a sea coastline, and a place where the rain does not see. The roads are made of dirt, and while you drive you see the dust collect behind the car.
Had dinner at about 11pm at Los Colonas.. a seafood restaurant in the theme of a boat wreck. Lighthouse outside, Boat lights, a boat as a restaurant. Good atmosphere. Celebrated the big 21, and Argentina's mother's day holiday with some white wine, and the waiter gave us each a glass of champagne.
At 9am Monday, we woke from our adorable hostel to walk the sidewalks of the 'lil city. Went to our bus stop.. when we came upon the news that we will be staying here for another few hours. Our bus was to leave at 2pm, however we left port at 10pm.
Why you ask?
Well, in Argentina a lot of times the people of the country are not happy with their government.. so they protest. This particular day, the petroleum workers in the south decided to cut the bus route road, so no one could pass by.
So, like suerte, saw a few friends from UCA (Argentina University). We spent the day together as a group of 11. Played soccer with locals alongside the shore, and had lunch outside in the beautiful weather.
We got home at 5pm Tuesday.
In all ... an AMAZING birthday! To top it off however, i came home to a strawberry cake and 2 packages from my NY loved ones!!
I love you all ! Thank you for each of your kindness and thoughts! Love you

Sunday, October 11, 2009

to keep you up to date

Sorry it's been a while since the last post. Been just living here, no special trips lately. Busy with music :) Playing in rehearsals, concerts and ...a special premiere soon ! :)
I enjoy playing bassoon here. A lot of friends take interest in hearing it for the FIRST time. it's beautiful to share that.
I'm about at the halfway mark of being here. Learned a WORLD of new things. Really feel like i've developed so much way mentally. Been taking a huge interest in cooking and new exercises. I'm using running as a way to sightsee and to have an excuse to eat lots after. haha, Enrolled in a fitness program. Taking all sorts of pilates, yoga classes. Bought a few cookbooks and check out tons of restaurants. I take mental notes of how to cook the authentic dishes here.
Besides this, been putting my head in the books. This week was Mid-Term week. So chillaxed here! had one open book/open comp test that consisted of 2 QUESTIONS! and my other one is an essay on classical music, that's due whenever i want. Classes r hard, but i like that they give internationals a break. too cool! not gonna be ready for the loooong class days at fredonia when i come home. hahah
A lot has changed at home. Heard my mom and eric bought a new home, my sister Amanda headed to California, my other sister Amanda is leaving for New Zealand, Mike will begin a new career, and Jackie is learning all about Germany through Lara our host sister.
Back home is the time of 21st birthday's. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all my friends. I expect a fun time when I come home :) For my 21st, my friends and I down here plan to head down south to Chubut province. You'll hear all about it for sure :)
In all, really enjoying my time here (minus the fact I wish YOU were all here with me!!)
keep it real back there up north.