Sunday, October 11, 2009

to keep you up to date

Sorry it's been a while since the last post. Been just living here, no special trips lately. Busy with music :) Playing in rehearsals, concerts and ...a special premiere soon ! :)
I enjoy playing bassoon here. A lot of friends take interest in hearing it for the FIRST time. it's beautiful to share that.
I'm about at the halfway mark of being here. Learned a WORLD of new things. Really feel like i've developed so much way mentally. Been taking a huge interest in cooking and new exercises. I'm using running as a way to sightsee and to have an excuse to eat lots after. haha, Enrolled in a fitness program. Taking all sorts of pilates, yoga classes. Bought a few cookbooks and check out tons of restaurants. I take mental notes of how to cook the authentic dishes here.
Besides this, been putting my head in the books. This week was Mid-Term week. So chillaxed here! had one open book/open comp test that consisted of 2 QUESTIONS! and my other one is an essay on classical music, that's due whenever i want. Classes r hard, but i like that they give internationals a break. too cool! not gonna be ready for the loooong class days at fredonia when i come home. hahah
A lot has changed at home. Heard my mom and eric bought a new home, my sister Amanda headed to California, my other sister Amanda is leaving for New Zealand, Mike will begin a new career, and Jackie is learning all about Germany through Lara our host sister.
Back home is the time of 21st birthday's. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all my friends. I expect a fun time when I come home :) For my 21st, my friends and I down here plan to head down south to Chubut province. You'll hear all about it for sure :)
In all, really enjoying my time here (minus the fact I wish YOU were all here with me!!)
keep it real back there up north.

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