Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween in a country where there is no celebrated Halloween

Happy Halloween
I spent thursday night, and saturday night in costume. Carved 'pumpkins' and dressed up. For thursday night, the international students went on a boat party. Costume mandatory. A fun time, I decided last minute to dress up as Helga from "Hey, Arnold!" series. Many creative costumes were seen. The boat was fun, live band inside and a lot of good conversation all around. We even had a group of German Power Rangers who saved two guys from France out of the water.
Saturday I carved 'pumpkins' with Alanna and Julia. I say 'pumpkins' because we only found japanese squash.. but it worked :) Left for dinner at a Chinese restaurant where my Argenitne friend Tomá
s met up. Dressed up and put on spooky make-up. Saw a group of 'ghouls' in the streets, but only about 10 people and it was a group of U.S study abroad students. ha
Overall, a very fun night, and good memories. Can't wait for the next US holiday we'll celebrate here... Thanksgiving. ..stay tuned ;)

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