Saturday, August 22, 2009

one month!

A month ago today I arrived in beautiful Buenos Aires. So far I have come to make wonderful friends, and plans for my.. get this schedule... no classes after noon on thursday till tuesday! so i have long weekends to travel about the country! I've joined a youth orchestra! Called Orquesta Juventil de San Martin. our first concert is 5th of September and we may be going to tour in CHILE! Classes started at UCA. I am taking Acoustics.. which is physics of soundwaves and ..well acoustics, History of classical music, Industious Computation III, Spanish and Music Production II. Professors are really nice and classes are relaxed. Argentine's are almost proud of their tardiness :) Classes usually begin about 10 min after set time. The music students are so easy to get along with and super helpful. The classrooms are a bright yellow and there are a bunch of windows and courtyards. really tranquil. Tomorrow I am going to see the Symphony Philharmonic of Israel! Earlier in the day I plan to go to San Telmo for an outdoor Feria.. an artisans market. Every weekend these go on. Really great to see local artists work and cultural objects from the area to buy. Went to a tour of Teatro Colon on Wednesday. The second acoustically best theatres in the world. It has been under reconstruction since '04, so the tour group and i wore hard hats and scaled under construction equipment to see the hall. Quite impressive how self sufficient this theatre is. Under the ground it has several grand rooms for building costumes, stage equipment and scenes. Another grand adventure I had was a spontaneous trip to San Antonio de Areco. It is a small town about 2hrs northwest of BA. Went with my SUNY girls in a double decker omnibus. This town appeared deserted when we arrived. As we walked about, we immediately fell in love with it's gaucho (cowboy) camp (countryside) charm! We made a best friend there! Her name is Pepita and it's an estancia's (ranch) dog. She came in to the shops, walked with us around the blocks, and even stayed under our table during lunch and dinner in restaurants!!! quite the adventure with her :) We went horseback riding! for an hour.. gaucho style! (that means ropes for harness and fur for a saddle). I trotted/almosst galloped for the first time!
SKYPE has been a life saver! Really great to have charlas (chats) with friends and family back home.
OH yesterday I paid rent for the first time! haha i was pretty excited about that. gotta love city rental fees tho. haha :/
My family here is a dream! I can not even stress how happy i am with them. Super comforting, helpful, funny and an all around good time.
Besides all this, I think there are too many lil memories to write down. I am keeping a journal so I can never forget each lil moment, but I hope you are able to check out my fotos (on facebook, or photobucket).
LOVE YAs all.


  1. I'm glad you're having a good time! Dec 31st is going to come very quickly -enjoy it! I like the picture of the tall skinny buildings that all match perfectly! And what a cute dog :)

    I tried to do a CT blog, but I failed a long time ago, it took me too long to upload pictures. And I don't really take pictures often in the first place. Didn't work so well!

    Keep posting, I liked reading about your adventures!!



  2. How do I become a 'follower' of a blog??