Monday, August 24, 2009

Remember what your mama taught you-mire ambos lados!

So getting place to place nearby you have options. There is the option of walking, colectivo(bus), subte (subway),bici(bike), radiotaxi (taxi). Rather common, however Buenos Aires has its unique transito (traffic) that makes every crosswalk an adventure. "Remember to look both ways!" (Mire ambos lados)
Ever day you are sure to see heavy traffic (common in cities) combined on the lanes with bike riders who are in the same lane as traffic, no helmet, perhaps carrying a child, a dog on their lap or many boxes and bags. Also there are the motorcyclists who do the same. Saaafe.
Our mass transit autos, buses and semis are hitting the pedal moment turns green. Crossing the intersections takes skiiiill. MIRE AMBOS LADOS for sure! There are street lines, but these are more like guidelines, not a rule. haha. so, i can't even imagine why people are riding bikes in the lanes, when the buses are pulling sharp stops at any moment.
Today I went to Corrientes with Alanna and witnessed: a 3 car pile up! Then later a motorcycle skidding off with a mans briefcase. He was getting out of a taxi when on eman shoved him, took his bag- the bike pop-a wheelie, the robber jumped on back, and the victim kicked the robber as it skidded off thru the intersection while the man raced after! Next block down, 2 men were juggling in a 4 lane intersection. Throughout the day, multiple motorcycles came onto the sidewalk (when there's heavy traffic) and since the walk is bustling too, they almost are driving into little children pedestrians. Also, haha earlier today my colectivo bus was just chillaxin in the middle of the intersection...soooo I think i'm gonna go home with less a traffic fear. just sayin'.
Just wanted to blog this constant occurring chaos. enjoy ur one man passing you on the thruway at home. haha it's not comparable here.

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